Laurier Optical



Laurier optical was purchased in September 2017, by new owners, Dr. Sameh Mansour and Madeleine Bonhomme to establish the new standard in the eye care industry. The president, Dr. Sameh Mansour is clear: we are adding a future to a strong foundation.

Laurier optical was created in 1985. At that time it was a single location on Laurier Avenue in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Over the next fifteen years, the business grew and developed, increasing and expanding until today. Laurier Optical has grown to 26 locations throughout Ontario and Quebec. Over the years one goal has remained, treat customers like family and friends while offering them the best services at a fair price.

Laurier Optical stands as a testament to one man's simple philosophy that has developed into a mission. A sense of family that has drawn like-minded individuals together and developed loyalty in the fickle world of retail.