A vast collection of creative frame designs and styles that will take your eyewear fashion to the next level


Have our highly certified eye doctors and Optometrists take care of your eyesight by using high quality modern medical equipment.


We provide you the best brands and utmost quality of contact lenses for your eye care and vision.


Your style is our responsibility as well, that’s why we have a wide range of eyewear styles to meet your personality.

Welcome to Laurier Optical

Get the utmost care and attention for your eyes at Laurier Optical in Ontario. We provide careful and thorough eye exams, and eye tests, from highly experienced and certified optometrists. We have carefully hand-picked our team of eye doctors to attend to your vision care while using some of the best medical equipment and tools in the market.


Our optometrists are here to take a look at your eyes and give you a thorough eye exam to check your vision and the health of your eyes. We, at Laurier Optical, take pride in providing you with the best service there is. We care about your health and sight. Not only do we optimize your eyesight and monitor your eye health, we also make sure you have the most fashionable look! Let your fashion and style speak through our wide selection of top eyewear brands, from sunglasses to stylish medical eyeglasses, that will have you setting new standards for eyewear fashion.


Our eye exams

When it comes to your eye care it is best to choose an experienced and thorough eye doctor to conduct your eye checkup. During your exam, our eye doctors will carefully examine your eyes by using high quality and modern medical technology and equipment.

When it comes to your eye care it is best to choose an experienced and thorough eye doctor to conduct your eye checkup. During your exam, our eye doctors will carefully examine your eyes by using high quality and modern medical technology and equipment.

They will be able to determine your eyesight, prescribing the proper glasses to improve your vision, and will organize a plan that will ensure that your eye health is monitored and maintained. Our goal is to make you perceive the world as it is, with all its wondrous colors, extraordinary views, and breathtaking sights. Your eyes are perfectly safe with us here at Laurier Optical, where your care is our responsibility.

Areas we serve

Our Laurier Optical branches are spread out across Ontario and the Outaouais region so that we can facilitate your visit no matter where you are. You can now visit the closest eye doctor and optometrist near you to get a thorough eye exam or test for your eye care.

You can find our branches all over Ottawa from Main Street, Hunt Club, St. Laurent Boulevard, and many more across Ottawa. You can also find us in other cities across Ontario like Kingston, Kanata, Brockville, Belleville, and Cornwall. In the Outaouais region, we have locations in Aylmer, Hull, and Gatineau.

We try to make your visit an easy one and as convenient as possible no matter where you are situated in Ontario.

Take a look and find the closest branch to you so that you can make your way and have yourself an eye exam or test from our experienced optometrists.

Our eyewear & sunglasses


Our friendly and caring staff will attend to your eye care and eyewear needs when you come and visit our location. Our staff will help you pick the latest fashion in eyewear from our vast selection of frames. Yes! Here at Laurier Optical, we provide some of the best eyewear and sunglasses brands you can ask for.

We offer a vast collection of different innovative frame designs and distinctive styles that will suit your personality and help express your inner character.

Feast your eyes on the wide selection of high standard eyewear brands like Tom Ford, Tiffany, Gucci, Prada, John Lennon eyewear, and much more that we offer.

It’s not a fashionable style if you don’t have the proper eyewear to go with your whole look. Have your elegant style up to date and modernized with the vast collection we have from eyewear and fashionable sunglasses.

Come on down and get your pair of stylish glasses from Laurier Optical that fit your unique look.


Styles & Smiles

Eyeglasses and sunglasses to make everyone jealous!

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Come into any of our 22 locations for a complete eye exam.

Eye exams are done on-site, they are available with or without
an appointment. Subject to availability of optometrist.

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“Service was excellent, I ordered two eyeglasses and the sales rep was very helpful and after the order was placed I received a phone call to inform me that the glasses were ready. Great customer service. The glasses are lovely I have received many compliments.” 

— Mary G





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