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Come Early

If possible come a few minutes early so our friendly clinic can update your current patient information and get you comfortable for your painless eye exam. 


Please bring a list of the medications and any supplements you may be taking. Occaisionally these do affect vision and this information is valuable to your Eye Doctor.

Bring your Glasses

If you currently wear glasses, please bring these with you.  Our eye Doctors learn a lot by seeing how you interact with your current prescription glasses.

Vision Insurance


Direct Billing

If you have benefits that include vision insurance, please bring this information with you. Many patients are often surprised what is covered. It is our job to use this coverage to provide you the most comprehensive test you are entitled to, and the most advanced, comfortable eyewear. 

Do you wear Contacts

If you wear contact lenses please bring these.  If you are wearing them, they will need to be removed before the exam.  Please bring your case and solution to store them for the test

Diabetic Coverage

OHIP does cover regular eye exams for Diabetics in Ontario.  You are typically required to bring a letter of proof from your Doctor and a list of any medications you take.

Eye Exam Preparation


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