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A Step-by-Step Guide to Properly Inserting Contact Lenses

Putting in contact lenses may seem intimidating at first, but with the right method it becomes second nature. As your eye doctor, safety and comfort are top priorities, so here are the crucial steps to successfully inserting contacts:

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Clean hands prevent germs from being introduced to your eyes.

Place the contact lens on the tip of your pinky finger. Many find this finger position easiest for manipulation.

Pull your lower eyelid down with your other hand to form a clear pocket. Tilt your head back and look up.

While still looking up, position the contact lens gently on the white of your eye using your pinky. Don’t touch the lens with your eyelashes.

Release your eyelid and gently close your eye, making sure not to blink yet. The lens should naturally slide into place centered on your eye.

Look left, right, up and down to situate the lens, then blink a few times to moisten it.

Use rewetting drops as needed if you feel any discomfort and continue blinking to settle the lens.

Repeat with your other eye. Always handle one eye at a time to avoid mix ups.

It will likely take several trainings with a mirror to feel completely comfortable. Remember - don't force the lens in. Take your time and reposition if not aligned. Inform us right away if you develop any pain, redness or irritation.

With the proper inserting motion down, contacts are convenient once mastered. Still, give your eyes scheduled break days wearing glasses instead. Call us anytime with questions as you adjust - well fitted lenses paired with good handling habits keep eyes healthy.

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