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Contact Lens 101 - Which One Is Right For You?

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Contact lens technology has become so advanced over the last few decades that even people who previously may have had a negative experience with them will be able to wear contact lenses now and enjoy exceptional comfort while performing any activity. Contact lenses are also now suitable for patients with almost any prescription, giving them the clearest vision possible. Even children can take advantage of the benefits of contact lenses with a variety of options available for kids from as young as 8 years old.

With all the contact lens choices available, it can be difficult to decide which is the right kind to suit your vision needs. When deciding on a pair of contact lenses it is important to consider your lifestyle, including how often you plan to wear them and what activities you would want to wear them for.

Our optometrists in Ontario are leading the way in providing our patients with the latest contact lens products. We are here to understand your individual needs, so you can find the right pair that works for you. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of contact lenses that we often fit our patients with:

Daily Disposables

The perfect choice for people on the go, daily contact lenses are single use lenses that are discarded at the end of the day. They are considered one of the safest and convenient options for contact wearers. They are also one of the most hygienic as they do not require cleaning. This significantly reduces the risk of developing eye infections. These are perfect for anyone who wants to wear contact lenses full-time with the flexibility of switching to glasses on some days, or for those who just want to wear contact lenses for special occasions, holidays, or sports.


As the name suggests, 2-weekly or bi-weekly contact lenses are replaced every other week. Wearers use and clean them using the contact lens solution provided, storing them in a clean contact lens case every night before wearing them again the next day. 2-weeklies are an affordable and easy way to enjoy great vision without having to change your contacts every day and are great for more complex prescriptions.

They do require a little more TLC than daily disposables – it’s so important to ensure that both your lenses and contact lens case are cleaned every day using contact lens solution, that you leave your contact lens case to air dry before filling it with fresh solution again, and never re-use your lenses past their 2-week wear time.


Monthly contact lenses are worn for 30 days before disposal. They are thicker and offer exceptional clarity and comfort for contact wearers. They are also designed to let more oxygen into the eyes. They require the same care as 2-weekly lenses and are also a cost effective and more eco-friendly option compared to daily contact lenses.

Toric Lenses for Astigmatism

Toric contact lenses are for patients who have astigmatism. Due to the unique curvature of the eye, traditional contact lenses do not always offer a comfortable fit for astigmatic people. Toric lenses are fitted to allow for different refractive or focusing powers that correct corneal and lenticular astigmatism. These are available as dailies, 2-weeklies, and monthly lenses.

Contact Lenses for Presbyopia

Contact lens technology continues to evolve to the needs of people with unique vision health issues. Lenses for presbyopia are usually worn by people aged over 40 who need a prescription for both reading and distance vision. In the same way that bifocal glasses provide clear vision for both near and distance vision, so do bifocal contact lenses. Contact lenses for presbyopia can come in the form of dailies or extended wear lenses.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

Multifocal contact lenses go one step further than lenses for presbyopia, providing wearers with exceptional vision correction for near, intermediate and distance vision. The lenses seamlessly transition between these visual ranges in the same way that progressive glasses do. Multifocal contact lenses also offer vision correction for people with astigmatism. Our optometrists will be able to help you choose which multifocal lens is right for your vision needs.

RGP Lenses for Dry Eyes Or Other Eye Conditions

Health issues like dry eyes make it difficult for some people to wear normal contact lenses. With the help of rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, dry eye sufferers can now enjoy clarity of vision and enhanced comfort without having to experience sore, itchy or irritated eyes every day.

Book a Contact Lens Consultation

Are you considering wearing contact lenses? Why not contact one of our store branches to speak to one of our friendly team for further advice or to book a consultation? With a wide range of contact lenses in Ontario and surrounding areas, our experienced optometrists will be sure to have the perfect option to suit your visual and lifestyle needs.

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