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Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Gaming Really Work?

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Online gaming has never been more popular. From professional gamers who have turned reaching the next level into a career to recreational gamers solving the day’s word, online gaming plays a huge role in many people’s day-to-day lives. With all this time in front of screens, it may be time to look into better eye protection.

For some gamers, the time spent in front of a screen can quickly rack up. This can have a significant effect on visual comfort as the eyes are forced to focus on the screen for hours at a time. Many gamers report experiencing high levels of visual discomfort. A study published in Peer J found that computer gaming for four hours or more causes convergence and accommodation disturbances as well as physical and ocular discomfort.

So how do you protect your eyes from the negative effects of gaming? Let’s review some helpful hints and lens options so you can enjoy gaming in comfort.

What Is Digital Eye Strain?

The most common health complaint experienced by gamers young and old is digital eye strain. This occurs when the eyes are exposed to blue light from digital screens such as computers, phones, and tablets for prolonged periods. Even short periods spent in front of a digital screen can lead to discomfort.

What Are The Symptoms Of Eye Strain?

Digital eye strain symptoms vary from person to person. They can also be different depending on how much time you spend in front of a screen. The most common symptoms of digital eye strain include:

● Sore or tired eyes

● Dry eyes

● Headaches

● Sensitivity to light

● Trouble concentrating

● Blurred or double vision

These symptoms are usually short-lived, however, with regular prolonged exposure, can become persistent.

What Are Gaming Glasses?

Blue light blocking glasses for gaming are designed to help reduce the effects of blue light on the eyes. The result is a reduction in symptoms of digital eye strain and improved comfort when using digital devices.

Using blue light blocking technology, gaming glasses help reduce the amount of glare that enters the eyes. The lenses have a yellow tint which helps relax the eyes and allows wearers to move from gaming to sleep with fewer disruptions and a reduced chance of developing migraines or night stress.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Gaming Glasses?

Blue light gaming glasses in Canada have become popular among all gamers. Gaming is all about getting to the next level and gaming glasses help you do just that. Not only do they improve overall comfort, but they also help reduce glare and strain on the eyes from devices like TVs. This can improve vision quality and make watching your favorite game more enjoyable.

Gaming glasses also improve the overall gaming experience by providing better clarity and a sharper image while playing. Wearers often report experiencing more vivid colours while playing their favourite game.

Action-packed games can force your eyes to have to quickly adjust to new scenarios. Gamer glasses make this process easy with a better definition that reduces blur and allows the eyes to focus faster.

Who Can Wear Blue Light-Blocking Lenses?

Blue light blocking lenses are designed to be worn by anyone who spends a significant amount of time in front of a digital device. Although you can get blue light prescription glasses, you don’t have to have a prescription to enjoy the benefits of gaming glasses. In fact, we recommend that gamers without a prescription wear gaming glasses to help protect their vision from the effects of digital eye strain.

Get Your Gamer Glasses

Our experienced teams across all our locations can help you level up with gaming glasses designed to improve play and comfort.

Not only is this important for improving your gaming performance but it also ensures that your eyes remain healthy. A regular eye exam is the best way to help identify changes in your vision and put you on the right path to improved vision quality, performing at your peak, and staying on top of the leaderboard.

Contact our Ontario optometrists near you today to book your eye exam, where we can discuss helping you to find the right vision protection for gaming.

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