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Driving Glasses - make the right choice!

**Enhancing Driving Safety with the Right Glasses**

Driving is a significant part of daily life for many Canadians, from dawn till dusk and in varying weather conditions. Clear vision is crucial for road safety, making it essential not only to wear glasses while driving but also to choose the appropriate glasses and lenses for optimal safety. Here's what to consider when selecting glasses for driving.

**Fitting Frames for Stability**

Properly fitting frames are key to safe driving. Glasses that constantly slide or fall off compromise your ability to drive safely. Ensure your frames fit snugly and securely on your face without needing constant adjustment. Before finalizing your choice, have your optician fit and adjust the frames to suit your face.

**Photochromic Sunglasses**

Daytime driving often presents challenges with sun glare. Constantly switching between regular glasses and sunglasses while driving can be inconvenient and unsafe. Photochromic lens sunglasses are an excellent choice for driving, as they automatically adjust to UV rays, providing clear vision throughout the day without requiring frame changes.

**Anti-Static Lens Coatings**

Clear vision is paramount for safe driving. Smudged, dirty, or dusty lenses can cause distractions. Invest in anti-static lens coatings, especially if you drive frequently. These coatings repel dirt and spots, keeping your lenses cleaner for extended periods, ensuring clearer vision on the road.

**Neutral Lens Colors**

While vibrant lens colors might be fashionable, clear and undistorted vision is crucial for safe driving. Opt for neutral-toned lenses like brown, grey, or black when wearing sunglasses while driving. These colors offer unaltered vision of the surrounding environment compared to wilder tints like pink or orange, enhancing driving safety.


This information highlights the importance of well-fitted, functional glasses equipped with specific lens features to ensure optimal safety and clear vision while driving.

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