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Eye Glasses Frames: How to Choose the Perfect Style for You

Picking out the right pair of eye glasses frames is an important decision that can either make you love your new glasses or want to switch them out in no time. The frame style sets the overall look of your glasses and needs to suit your individual facial features and personal taste.

As your local optician, we carry a wide variety of frame materials, colors and designs from top brands to find your perfect match. Some factors to consider when browsing our selection include:

Frame Size - The frame needs to be proportioned for your face size and shape. Our doctors can help determine if you would look best in smaller, medium or larger frames.

Frame Shape - Popular shapes include round, oval, square and rectangular. Think about complimenting your jawline, forehead and general facial structure.

Lens Material - Plastic frames are lightweight and affordable. Metal frames like titanium offer durability. Horn-rimmed provide retro flair. Consider your lifestyle too.

Frames and Lens Color - Basic black or tortoise works for any ensemble. Bolder colors like red are trendy. Make sure lens colors don't clash with your iris color.

Brands - Top brands we carry for quality and style include Ray-Ban, Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Flexon. Artisans like Moscot offer distinctive retro selections.

Try on several pairs to see what suits you best and take your time selecting. Our lighting and mirrors allow you to view from all angles. Don't be afraid to ask our opinions too - we are experts! Once you find frames you love, we can order your prescription lenses and have your new glasses ready in as little as [Timeline].

Style and protection for your eyes and face should work hand in hand. That's why we take the time to ensure you choose frames as perfectly suited to your unique features as the lenses are customized for your individual vision needs. Come browse our eye glasses frames selection today!

Seniors picking out new eyeglass frames

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