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Famous women who style out eyewear

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Eyewear has become a fashion staple for women who want to look confident and sophisticated. From style icons like Cara Delevingne to political icons like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, eyewear is the new definition of female empowerment.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s take a look at famous females with glasses who have made them more than just a fashion accessory, but a symbol of strength and unity.

Popular women's glasses

We have carefully sourced the most popular glasses for women from top designers that we offer in all our store locations, including:

● Burberry

● Chloe

● Dior

● Kate Spade

● Michael Kors

● Tiffany & Co

● RayBan

These brands have adorned the faces of famous women for years, which makes them even more appealing for our female customers!

You’ve probably noticed more and more famous women with glasses on the red carpet and the big screen. That’s because glasses are no longer something to hide. Women today wear their glasses with pride, and part of the secret of how they choose the best frames, lies in their face shape.

Let’s recap how to find the best frames for your facial features:

Oval - Perfect for square or angular faces such as That 70s Show alum Mila Kunis. These frames soften hard features and draw the eye upwards.

Round - Round frames are another great option for people with strong facial features. They are also a great choice for faces that are long such as Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker.

Cat Eye - The cat eye was made infamous by celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Not only do they look great on just about any face, but they are also slimming and accentuating the cheekbones.

Oversize - Made popular by Jackie Kennedy Onassis, oversized frames have been the go-to for celebrities looking to dodge paparazzi. These frames are perfect for slim or angular faces.

Square - Gigi Hadid has been lighting up the runway with her perfectly round face. Her soft features are why she is often seen wearing square

Which famous women wear glasses and sunglasses?

From trendsetters to trend followers, glasses for women are as diverse as the faces that wear them. Here are some of our favourite looks from trendsetting ladies who know how to rock a pair of glasses.

Tyra Banks – Burberry

She has been helping women achieve their fashion dreams for decades; renowned for her glam looks, having graced runways all over the world. Tyra remains a huge fan of Burberry, having been spotted running errands wearing classic sunglasses from this iconic British brand.

Jennifer Lopez – Chloe

She may be Jenny from the Block, but her fashion choices are out of this world. This includes eyewear collections created to make heads turn. Among her favourite pairs are styles by Chloe with feminine and sophisticated styling easily transitions from the office to the club.

Rhianna – Dior

She has topped the singing and fashion charts with her amazing voice and fantastic style. Rhianna is not only a fashion trendsetter but a style innovator with unique outfits that have been photographed millions of times. She understands that accessories make the outfit. She most recently collaborated with the brand on a sunglasses collection.

Tina Fey - Kate Spade

She has been making people laugh from SNL to 30 Rock. But Tina Fey is more than just a comedy writer and actress. She has also become a style icon for women who enjoy blending sophisticated looks with classic eyewear pieces.

Fans will often see Fey heading to the NBC studios wearing frames by the late fashion designer Kate Spade, whose designs brought colour and vibrancy to the fashion world.

Vanessa Hudgens - Michael Kors

This singer/actress has been lighting up the big screen since she first appeared in High School Musical. She was quickly launched into orbit as a fashion maven, who has been frequently seen wearing Michael Kors oversized sunglasses while running errands in Hollywood.

Gemma Arterton – Tiffany & Co

She got her big break opposite Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace. Since then, Gemma Arterton has become a force in the film and fashion world, most famously wearing a pair of Tiffany sunglasses in the 2019 Netflix thriller Murder Mystery.

Kate Middleton - Ray-Ban

Won by both official royalty and Hollywood royalty, Ray-Ban remains one of the most popular frames with celebrities. Royal watchers can often find the Duchess of Cambridge sporting a pair of Ray Bans while watching Wimbledon or attending informal royal functions.

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