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Getting an Eye Exam and Glasses without Insurance

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

While having vision insurance makes eye care more affordable, it's still important for your health to prioritize regular eye exams - even without coverage. As opticians, we understand the financial challenges some face and want exams and eyewear to remain accessible to all.

Here are some options available if you need an eye exam or new glasses but lack insurance:

Payment Plans - We offer payment arrangements so large bills don't have to be paid all at once for your new glasses.

Find In-Store Deals - We regularly offer BOGO ("buy one, get one") deals on frame-lens package purchases and single-vision lens upgrades.

Shop Frame-Only Packages - If your prescription is current, just buying frames and having lenses installed yourself can save over full eye exams and new glasses together.

Generic Lenses - Going with polycarbonate or plastic lenses instead of brand name lens materials makes glasses more affordable.

Bundles & Promotions - Look for "vision care" combo specials we offer combining contacts, sunglasses or other products to maximize value.

Cash Discounts - Our standard fees are already lower without billing insurance, and we're happy to discuss cash payment reductions on larger services too.

The most vital part is taking care of your vision health through regular preventative exams. If cost is a concern, give us a call to explore inexpensive options. Your sight is too precious not to protect - we want to help find a solution that works.

Stay tuned for upcoming sales and promotions too. With a little planning, prescription eyewear doesn't need to break the bank even without insurance in the picture.

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