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Great Halloween ideas for Kids that wear glasses!

1. **Amplify Your Costume with Glasses:**

- Incorporating glasses can significantly boost the authenticity of your Halloween costume, even if you don't need a prescription. Characters with distinct glasses as part of their look are excellent choices.

2. **Noteworthy Character Suggestions:**

- Consider iconic figures like Harry Potter, Tina Belcher, Where’s Waldo, Clark Kent, Velma Dinkley, Milhouse Van Houten, Barb Holland, and Dwight Schrute, all known for their distinctive eyewear.

3. **Laurier Optical's Range of Options:**

- Laurier Optical offers non-prescription glasses ideal for finalizing your costume. You can find glasses that perfectly match your character's look without requiring a prescription.

4. **Colorful Contacts for Eye Color Variation:**

- If aiming to replicate unique eye colors of characters, Laurier Optical presents high-quality, optometrist-approved colored contact lenses. These lenses ensure both safety and comfort while altering eye color.

5. **Caution Against Substandard Costume Contacts:**

- Be cautious of low-quality, mass-produced costume contact lenses from generic Halloween stores. These may lead to eye strain, infections, or styes. Opt for reliable sources like Laurier Optical for colored lenses.

6. **Visit Laurier Optical for Your Halloween Ensemble:**

- Seeking to elevate your Halloween attire? Visit your nearby Laurier Optical store for glasses or colored contact lenses that match the essence of your chosen character, prioritizing eye safety and authenticity.

By selecting recognizable characters known for their distinctive eyewear and choosing high-quality lenses from Laurier Optical, you can enhance your Halloween costume while ensuring eye safety and comfort are paramount.

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