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Imagine…. John Lennon Eyewear

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

To many people, John Lennon was a legend. During his solo career, he sold more than 73 million albums. His lyrics spoke to a generation, while his call for peace still echoes through the world today. Not only was John Lennon a music icon, but he became a fashion icon too as he embraced the hippie look of the era and rebelled against traditional style norms of the day.

This was reflected not only in his clothes but his eyewear too. Rather than wearing heavy bold frames that were popular during his era, he chose simple round metal glasses that would become his trademark look.

John Lennon eyewear

The John Lennon eyewear collection carries on his vision of making a positive statement through styles that capture Lennon’s simple and understated style. You need only say ‘John Lennon glasses’ and you immediately picture the singer sitting in front of a piano looking into a camera singing “Imagine”.

The collection adds a new take on his classic round frame look with colours and materials that allow wearers to show off their personality while carrying on his legacy.

From the Beatles to his solo career, Lennon had built a reputation for changing the way the world looked at itself from music to fashion to politics. His music helped transform a generation from the craziness of Beatlemania to the power of songs like Give Peace A Chance.

The eyewear collection named and inspired by him is no different, captures the simplicity of the times and the dynamic change that was happening with a combination of refined looks and bold designs.

Classic round style

When people picture John Lennon they likely think of long shaggy hair and round metal frame glasses. John Lennon eyewear offers several round eyewear options that reflect the look Lennon himself wore. These frames are available in both eyeglasses and sunglasses so you can capture the look of John Lennon no matter if you are at work or play.

A new take on a classic look

The John Lennon glasses collection takes the classic round look in new directions by adding design elements that enhance the look of the frame while offering classic easy to wear styling. The frames are crafted using the highest quality materials and feature a variety of lens options including sunglasses, mirrors, and tints.

Each frame evokes a memory or song from John Lennon’s life making them extra special to true John Lennon fans.

The styling is designed to give a fresh new look by adding unique bridge details and fun colour options. Some pieces feature flip-up sunglass lenses letting wearers easily switch from low light to sunshine.

These pieces are a true collector piece that eyewear aficionados and John Lennon fans will both treasure.

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