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Makeup and my Eyes!

Understanding Eye Health: The Relationship Between Makeup and Eye Safety

While it's common knowledge to keep harsh chemicals away from your eyes, one lesser-known eye irritant often overlooked is makeup. Surprising as it may be, certain chemicals in makeup have the potential to cause damage to your eyes. Understanding the connection between eye health and makeup use is crucial. Explore our tips for using makeup to maintain healthy eyes and ward off infections.

Eye Infections and Preventative Measures

Eye infections often stem from a mix of bacteria, chemicals, and irritants, many of which lurk within makeup. Among the most prevalent eye infections are:




Makeup and beauty products can contribute to these infections due to irritants or toxic chemicals present. Bacterial contamination in makeup, especially from cross-contamination in bathrooms where makeup is often stored, can also trigger eye infections. Additionally, using old makeup or inadequately removing eye makeup might lead to styes or keratitis.

Expired Makeup Awareness

Disposing of old or expired makeup stands as one of the most effective measures to evade eye infections. Yes, makeup does have an expiration date, and adhering to it is crucial for preserving your eye health. Over time, makeup accumulates bacteria from our skin, home environments, and various surfaces it contacts. Continued use of expired makeup fosters bacterial growth, posing a risk of eye infection and harm.

Mitigate the risk by adhering to these guidelines for discarding makeup:

It's expired

It's over 3 months old

It's dry or clumpy (e.g., mascara)

After experiencing an eye infection or irritation

Discarding expired or old makeup significantly reduces the likelihood of eye infections.

Makeup and Contact Lens Care

Improperly cleaned or stored contact lenses themselves pose hazards to the eyes by fostering bacterial growth. When combined with toxic or expired makeup, the risk of eye damage escalates.

For contact lens wearers, minimize the risk of eye damage by:

Fully removing makeup

Practicing diligent contact lens care

Washing hands before touching the face

Inserting soft contact lenses before makeup application

Applying hard contacts after makeup application

Removing contact lenses before makeup removal

Eye Health: Tips for Makeup Application and Removal

How you apply and remove makeup significantly impacts your eye health. Follow these guidelines for safe makeup practices:

Makeup Application:

Cleanse your face and eyelids thoroughly before application

Apply makeup outside the lash line

Regularly clean makeup brushes

Avoid applying makeup to an injured eye

Refrain from applying makeup while in a moving vehicle

Use fresh applicators when testing makeup in stores

Makeup Removal:

Utilize a gentle, lubricating makeup remover like Vaseline

Consider using baby shampoo for eye makeup removal

Thoroughly rinse off makeup remover from your eyelids

Gently wipe the base of your eyelashes with a cotton swab

Avoid using exfoliating scrubs near the eyes

Vision: A Priceless Sense

You need not entirely forgo makeup for the sake of vision. Opt for high-quality, non-toxic products whenever possible and adhere to these eye health and makeup tips. After all, our sense of sight is invaluable. If you experience eye pain or suspect an infection, seeking medical attention is imperative.

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