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Making an Eye Doctor Appointment - Questions to Ask Upfront

Your vision is one of your most valuable senses, so it’s important to take care of it through regular checkups with your eye doctor. Making sure you book the right appointment for your needs requires a little preparation. Here are some questions to ask when scheduling:

What types of appointments do you offer (exam only, contact lens fitting, surgery consultation, etc)? This will help you choose the visit that fits your reason for coming in.

What is the cost of a standard exam if I don’t have vision insurance? Knowing the out-of-pocket fees upfront prevents surprises.

Do you bill vision insurance and what insurers do you accept? Having your plan in-network saves significantly on costs.

When are your office hours on weekdays, weekends and evenings? Pick a time that fits your schedule.

What is your cancellation policy? Give as much notice as possible if rescheduling is needed.

How long is a typical exam appointment? Plan sufficient time for thorough screening.

Should I bring anything with me like a list of medications or previous records? Come fully prepared.

Do you offer samples of glasses frames to try on? It helps to have an idea what styles suit you.

If I need a new prescription, how long until new glasses are ready for pick up? Expect proper timeline to get new lenses.

Are payments, co-pays and deductibles collected at check-in or check-out? Know your costs ahead of arrival.

Is there a patient portal to access test results or make payments online? Convenient follow up is valuable.

The more information you have when scheduling, the smoother your appointment will go. Don’t hesitate to ask other questions - we want you to feel informed. Your eye health deserves proactive care, so book regular checkups with us.

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