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My contacts hurt. Why?

Unlocking Comfort: Understanding Why Your Contact Lenses Might Cause Discomfort

For countless individuals seeking vision correction, contact lenses stand as a beacon of convenience and comfort. However, occasional discomfort or pain while wearing contacts can leave you scratching your head for answers. If you're among those puzzled by why your contacts sometimes cause discomfort, this guide is tailored for you.

The Sting of Discomfort: Probable Causes

Dry Eyes

Dryness remains a frequent culprit behind contact lens discomfort. These lenses can inadvertently absorb moisture from your eyes, leading to irritation and discomfort. Particularly prevalent among individuals working in arid environments, spending extensive hours in front of screens, or grappling with a history of dry eyes.

Managing dry eyes often involves using specialized eye drops for contact lens wearers or contemplating a switch to disposable lenses that offer more frequent replacement.

Fit Matters

An ill-fitting contact lens is another primary reason for discomfort. Contact lenses are diverse, coming in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different eye types. Sporting lenses that don't align well with your eyes can trigger discomfort, pain, and potential eye damage. Ill-fitting contacts might shift around the eye, contributing to irritation and dryness.

If your contacts feel uncomfortable or cause discomfort, consulting your eye doctor becomes crucial to ensure you're using the right size and type.

Time for a Change

Overdue for a contact lens switch? Regular replacement is pivotal. Exceeding the recommended replacement period for your lenses not only induces discomfort but heightens the risk of infections. Aging lenses tend to become brittle and less flexible, increasing the likelihood of breakage or tearing.

Adhering to the advised replacement schedule for your contacts is essential for eye comfort and health.

Allergic Alarms

Allergic reactions could also be at play, triggered by the materials composing the contact lenses or the cleansing solutions utilized. Allergies might manifest as redness, itching, or pain, impeding comfortable contact lens wear.

Should you suspect an allergic reaction, consulting your eye doctor is vital to explore alternative materials or cleaning solutions.

Environmental Influences

Environmental elements also wield influence in causing discomfort when wearing contacts. Dust, smoke, or pollution can provoke eye irritation, making contact lens wear uncomfortable. For individuals residing in heavily polluted areas or working in environments with airborne irritants, pondering the use of glasses or protective eyewear might be beneficial.

Need a Refresh?

If discomfort persists while wearing contacts, a visit to your local Laurier Optical and a chat with our licensed opticians can provide insights. It could be an issue of fit, allergies, or simply time for a change. Our stores boast licensed opticians ready to assist with your contact lens needs.

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