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Trend Alert: New York's Kate Spade Eyewear

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Nothing says Upper East Side like Kate Spade eyewear! Known for their colorful collections of handbags and clothing, Kate Spade has been one of the darlings of the fashion world for 30 years.

Founded by Katherine Spade in 1993, Kate Spade as it became known, was the perfect juxtaposition to the traditional look of elegance, mixing bold colors and patterns to create pieces that paid homage to the 1950s and 60s.

Before long, Spade had expanded her collection of clothing and accessories to include sunglasses and glasses, which mirrored the styles she had become famous for around the world. Kate Spade glasses frames became style essentials that made the outfit and, in many cases, took center stage. Eyewear collectors love the variety of frames in her collections and claim many pairs as part of their wardrobes.

Kate Spade believed in surrounding yourself with the things you love - and this holds true to their many stunning glasses that fashionistas jump at the chance of wearing. Each pair of Kate Spade glasses or sunglasses is designed to be worn in a variety of settings from the office to vacations. The carefully curated looks are easily paired with a cocktail dress or a pair of your favorite jeans.

In addition to looking great, Kate Spade eyewear is all about supporting and empowering women with mental health problems around the world.

Choosing the right shape

Fresh, fun, and flirty, Kate Spade glasses ensure that all wearers have a model that suits their face with round, aviator, and cat eye options that flatter and make a statement. The right glasses shape can have a huge impact on your overall look.

Glasses are more than just fashion accessories. They are a window into your personality and lifestyle, so you want to ensure that your message is made clear through them. Kate Spade created eyewear that was universally loved in a variety of styles and shapes that look great no matter what shape of face you have. But how do you know which frame will look best? Here are a few hints on choosing the right Kate Spade for your face shape.

Round Frames - Perfect for people with angular features. This frame style helps soften a hard jawline and compliments a longer face too.

Aviator - Perfect for any face shape. Aviators are the classic go-to frame for celebrities, presidents, and glasses lovers everywhere.

Cat Eye - A classic style for people who have round or heart-shaped faces. These glasses help draw the eye upwards and help elongate the face.

Square or rectangle frames - A great choice for people with round faces. Square frames help create dimension.

Choosing the right frame shape will also help ensure you are comfortable when wearing your glasses. Our expert teams across our locations will be able to help adjust your frames so that they fit on your face the right way and make you look your very best.

Frames we love

So which frame is right for you this season? Here are a few of our favorite Kate Spade glasses frames for 2022.

We’ve fallen in love with several looks this summer including their elegant oversized frames that create a look that gives wearers a ‘no paparazzi vibe’ - perfect for an afternoon of shopping. Made from durable acetate, they’re the perfect choice for wearers who want a pair of glasses that look great and are made to last too.

Another piece we are craving this season is the bold patterned look - perfect for dockside or a garden party. Paired with your favorite summer outfit, this is the perfect transitional piece that carries you from daytime fun to sunset romance.

Paying homage to the trademark looks of glamour queens like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn is the cat eye frame. This is designed to create a feeling of old Hollywood mystique, as well as add a new level of femininity and softness to the face. These glasses are the quintessential everyday pair of eyewear.

Kate Spade once said, ‘Eat cake for breakfast’ and nothing is tastier than the frames from her latest collection. These glasses feature an elegant floral pattern that will add a unique pop to any outfit. The chunky frames give a retro vibe and are definitely on-trend this season.

Contact our eye doctors in Ontario

Ready to find your new favorite pair of sunglasses? Contact your nearest store location today for a personalized eyewear styling experience so we can help you find the perfect pair of Kate Spade glasses. We can also switch them up with sunglasses lenses with your prescription so you can enjoy perfect vision while looking fresh and in style in the face if bright sunlight.

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