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Vision Benefits - Use yours before they expire at end of year!

Utilize Your Vision Benefits Before They Expire with Laurier Optical!

For many, the extended health benefits that encompass vision care stand as a valuable asset. However, these benefits often come with an expiration date at the year's end, with no option for rollover. Consider this your gentle reminder: if you and your family have remaining, unused extended coverage, it's time to leverage those vision benefits before they disappear!

The majority of policies reach their endpoint on December 31, so act now and schedule your essential eye exam today with Laurier Optical!

While specifics differ among plans, most include an allowance for a comprehensive eye exam every 24 months, coupled with a set sum allocated for glasses or contact lenses annually. As the year draws to a close, you've only got a few weeks left to maximize the full potential of your vision plan. Luckily, Laurier Optical accepts various insurance plans and offers direct billing for numerous providers.

The Crucial Role of Routine Eye Exams

Regular eye exams play a pivotal role in maintaining optimal eye health. They ensure that your prescriptions remain current and enable early detection of potential eye diseases or ailments, effectively preventing vision loss. During a comprehensive eye exam, a licensed optometrist conducts a detailed history review and performs a battery of tests to detect any signs of illness. Most vision benefits wholly cover the cost of these essential exams. Check your plan coverage before it lapses and promptly head to your nearest Laurier Optical!

Maximize Your Vision Care Benefits

Aside from scheduling an eye exam, there are several additional avenues to make the most of your extended vision benefits if you haven't already:

Secure a spare pair of glasses: Having an extra pair on hand is always a smart move!

Invest in prescription sunglasses: Maximize your coverage by obtaining prescription sunglasses.

Upgrade to computer glasses: Given the increased screen time for many, consider updating your glasses for enhanced vision protection.

Make the most of your remaining vision benefits with Laurier Optical before they expire. Act now to safeguard your eye health and optimize your coverage.

Please note that while we have direct billing, you may have to provide your bill independantly to your insurance company for the eye exam component.

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