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What is PD and why is it important?

Understanding PD: What is Pupillary Distance? Pupillary Distance (PD) signifies the measurement in millimeters (mm) between the centers of your pupils. This crucial measurement forms the foundation for a personalized fit, determining the precise lens area you look through, consequently enhancing comfort and visual clarity.

Significance of PD Measurement The accuracy of your PD holds significant importance due to its impact on your visual comfort and acuity. An incorrect PD may lead to eye strain, fatigue, or compromised visual perception. Particularly for higher prescriptions, an inaccurate PD measurement can notably affect visual performance. Ensuring an accurate measurement is key to optimal visual experience, so it's imperative to measure it correctly!

When you are picking out new frames and lenses at Laurier Optical, we use a simple and painless measuring device that gives us your this information. We use this to create the most comfortable and accurate glasses possible.

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