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Which Eye Doctor Prescribes Glasses?

Optometrists, often referred to as “eye doctors,” play a pivotal role in safeguarding your vision and overall eye health. In Ontario, these professionals are regulated by the College of Optometrists of Ontario, ensuring high standards of care.

During your visit to an optometrist, the appointment typically commences with an inquiry into your medical history and detailed questions about your vision. Your responses significantly impact the overall assessment of your eye health, as certain medical conditions, like diabetes, can significantly affect your vision.

The examination itself encompasses a range of evaluations. Your optometrist checks various aspects including visual acuity (assessing your ability to see letters/symbols from a distance), color vision, depth perception, retinal health, and the intraocular pressure. To facilitate a comprehensive examination, your optometrist might employ eye drops to dilate your pupils, aiding in the detection of conditions such as cataracts or other eye diseases. While these exams generally don't cause significant discomfort, sensitivity to light might persist for a few hours post-examination.

Apart from conducting thorough eye exams, optometrists have the authority to issue prescriptions for corrective lenses, dispense eyeglasses, contact lenses, or specialized vision devices. Their multifaceted role extends beyond examinations, ensuring that patients receive suitable visual aids based on their specific needs.

Visiting an optometrist is an integral part of proactive eye care, allowing for early detection of potential issues and ensuring optimal vision health.

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