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Why transitions light adaptive lenses are perfect for Spring

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

There is nothing more inviting than a warm sunny day beckoning you to head outside on a spring day and enjoy your favorite activity. But before you grab the golf clubs or put on your walking shoes, have you checked to make sure your glasses are offering the best sun protection?

Transitions lenses offer 100% protection against UVA and UVB light with revolutionary photochromic technology that lets wearers move between bright light and darker environments without causing squinting or that uncomfortable eye adjustment period. Transitions lens technology features silver halide and chloride that are embedded in the lens.

How do Transitions light adaptive lenses work?

These components react to light exposure causing the lenses to change from clear to dark, enhancing your level of sun protection and comfort.

What are the benefits of Transitions lenses?

Once thought of as ‘your grandparents' glasses’ even the trendiest of eyeglasses wearers now know that light adaptive lenses from Transitions are essential to complete sun protection as sunny spring weather arrives. Not only do they seamlessly and quickly switch from clear to dark both indoors and outdoors, but they also offer many other benefits.

UV protection

We mentioned how Transition lenses offer sun protection against UVA and UVB rays, but why is this so important? The reflection from the sun can cause significant cumulative damage to your eyes. Transition lenses provide 100% UV protection so you can enjoy your favourite activities without worrying about squinting, UV damage, or glare from the sun.

Digital eye strain

Over the past two years especially, we have spent countless hours in front of digital screens. All this screen time can lead to digital eye strain, caused by blue light. The most common symptoms of digital eye strain are:

● Dry eyes

● Squinting

● Headaches

● Neck strain

● Red eyes

Transition lenses effectively block harmful blue light indoors so you can always enjoy using your digital devices in comfort.

Hassle free and cost effective

Transitions light intelligent lenses are a great option for patients looking for a pair of glasses that are convenient to wear, especially if you spend a lot of time moving indoors and outdoors or drive a lot. Transitions lenses let you go about your day without having to constantly switch your glasses for sunglasses – perfect if you are prone to forgetting your sunglasses at home.

Transitions lenses are also suitable for all prescriptions, meaning you will be combining effective sun protection with your vision correction needs, saving you money on your eyewear.

Stylish lenses to match your frames

Transitions lenses don’t just protect your eyes, they also offer a stylish vision solution. They come in a variety of trendsetting colours including:

● Green

● Grey

● Brown

● Amethyst

● Emerald

● Sapphire

● Amber

Transitions lenses are also available in matte, polarized, and mirror options so you can enjoy wearing a pair of glasses that are designed around your individual preferences.

Which Transitions lenses are right for you?

There are many Transitions lens options to address your visual needs:

● Transitions Signature Generation 8: The perfect lenses for day-to-day wear, and the most responsive lenses yet, changing from fully clear indoors to darkening outdoors in seconds, and fading back to clear just as quickly.

● Transitions XTRActive Polarized: Made with polarized lens technology that activates as the lens darkens, allowing your eyes to be shielded from bright glare when outside.

● Transitions XTRActive New Generation: This is the darkest photochromic lens that is perfect for those with very sensitive eyes. These also work while in the car, providing 100% UVA and UVB protection and Blue Light.

● Transitions Style Mirrors: Get stylish with light intelligent mirror lenses which can change in any light. These come in silver, blue violet, flash gold, blue green and copper.

● Transitions Drivewear: Drive with confidence with these polarized lenses than change from olive green to copper, to brown to adjust to different light conditions while behind the wheel.

Visit the best optometrists in Ontario

‘Where is the best optometrist near me for Transitions lenses?’ We know many people ask this question and are pleased to say you can stop your search here! Enjoy the arrival of spring with the latest in photochromic lens technology from Transitions right here at Laurier Optical.

Our stores are located all around Ontario, and we look forward to helping you find the right pair of Transitions for the coming seasons!

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