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Cheater Glasses a Dollar Store Disaster?

Understanding Cheater Glasses: What You Need to Know

Cheater glasses, abundantly available in various stores, might seem like a convenient eyewear option, but their purpose differs from regular prescription glasses. Here's a breakdown of what you should consider before purchasing cheaters as everyday eyewear.

-For Occasional Use

Cheater glasses serve as a quick fix for occasional magnification needs, like reading small print or other short tasks. They aren't designed as prescription eyewear but rather as a temporary solution. Using them beyond their intended purpose could potentially affect eyesight adversely, especially if the focal length doesn't match your needs.

-Risks of Prolonged Use

Wearing cheater glasses for extended periods, akin to regular prescription eyewear, can lead to discomfort such as headaches and eye strain. Despite their accessibility, it's crucial to limit usage to short intervals, ideally no longer than an hour, to avoid potential adverse effects on eyesight.


Time for an Eye Check-Up

If you find yourself frequently relying on magnifying cheater glasses for daily tasks like reading or viewing small text, it might indicate a need for prescription glasses. Rather than opting for a temporary solution, consider visiting a knowledgeable optometrist at your nearby eyewear center, like Laurier Optical, for a comprehensive eye exam. This step ensures you receive appropriate eyewear tailored to your specific vision needs, promoting long-term eye health and comfort.


Understanding the limitations of cheater glasses and opting for a professional eye check-up ensures you receive appropriate eyewear for your vision requirements, enhancing eye health in the long run.

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