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Are you tired of wearing boring, plain eyeglasses? Look no further than your local Laurier Optical store for the latest and greatest in designer prescription eyewear and frames. Our selection includes top brands such as Ray Ban, Oakley, Versace, Dior, Gucci, Armani,Oakley and Prada. Whether you want sleek and stylish metals, bold and vibrant plastics, or elegant and delicate acetates - we have something for everyone! Trust us, our collection is sure to make all the difference when making the most fashionable first impression possible. Stop by our store now and find your perfect match.

Using Mobile Phones

Are blue light glasses right for you?

We see more and more patients demanding relief from  the glare of their screens.  If you are often tired or with headaches, and are often in front of your monitor or cell phone - then blue light filtering lenses may be right for you.


Contact lenses offer numerous benefits over traditional eyeglasses. One key advantage is their level of comfort; unlike glasses that can feel heavy on your face, contacts sit directly on your eyes without putting pressure on your facial features. This makes them ideal for those who suffer from skin sensitivities or allergies. In addition, contacts offer fashion freedom, allowing you to switch up your look every day simply by changing the design or color of your lenses. Furthermore, most contact lenses contain UV blockers to protect your eyes, eliminating the need for separate sun glasses or accessories. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of wearing contacts is their ability to improve vision clarity. As they rest directly on your eyes, there is no chance of distortions or obstructions caused by frames or improper fits. While contacts may appear initially more expensive than glasses due to purchase costs and examination fees, they actually tend to last longer and could be reused, making them more cost efficient in the long run. Ultimately, contacts are more durable compared to glasses, take up less storage space when traveling, easier to handle as they do not break nor lost or stolen. With these perks at hand, choosing contacts can ultimately lead to better quality of life choices.

Contact Lenses
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