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Our Top 6 Sunglasses for Men and Women This Summer

Summer fashion season is here and it’s time to update your sunglasses wardrobe. But with all the amazing styles out there, how do you know which pair of designer sunglasses is right for you?

One of the best recommendations for choosing a pair of sunglasses is to go with brands that focus on style, quality, and good taste. They should also be timeless in their design so you know you’re buying a frame that will likely last for many years.

Let’s look at our top picks for sunglasses for men and women this summer.

Kate Spade

Sunglasses for women from Kate Spade are designed to go from Park Avenue to the office. Their frames complement both their handbags and clothing, making it easy to put together an outfit. Kate Spade offers a variety of elegant style options from oversized cat eyes to mod oval shape designs.

We love the variety of pattern options too. Just like their bags Kate Spade sunglasses come in a stunning variety of patterns including geometric shapes and playful flowers.


Sunglasses have been a part of fashion history for nearly 100 years. The Coach legacy closely mirrors this, having built a brand around sophisticated fashion and timelessness. Coach sunglasses echo the designs of their renowned leather bags, focusing on classic statement frames that are versatile.

Some of the most popular Coach designs include the Legacy Stripe Square Sunglasses which blend the traditional wayfarer with sleek retro styling. For wearers who like to explore their playful side, the Tea Rose Wire Petal Round Sunglasses are fun and flattering.


Lacoste sunglasses are a mixture of east coast prep and sporty chic. The brand is renowned for their polo wear which has been worn by celebrities and the Hamptons set since the 1930s. The brand offers a diverse collection of sunglasses for men and women who enjoy exploring the outdoors in style.

One of the most popular styles is the men's Floatable Color Block sunglasses which ensure you can hit the water without having to worry about losing your favourite pair of sunnies. Try a new take on the classic aviator with the Pilot shape Novak Djokovic Collection sunglasses. Named for the recent Wimbledon champ these shades take aviators in a new direction offering lightweight and durable styling.


Considered the GOAT when it comes to sunglasses, the Ray Ban has been transforming eyewear since 1937. Known for both the wayfarer and the aviator, Ray Ban is one of the most popular sunglasses brands in the world. Worn by celebrities like Adele, David Beckham, and Tom Cruise, the Ray Ban represents all things cool when it comes to eyewear.

For wearers looking for a classic pair of eyewear, we recommended the aviator. Designed to help improve visual clarity for pilots, the aviator is now the go-to choice for sunglasses wearers looking for everyday sophistication. The wayfarer by Ray Ban Sunglasses in Canada was the favourite choice of President John F. Kennedy, Muhammad Ali, and Audrey Hepburn. Today, the power of the wayfarer is still felt with stunning colours including black, tortoise shell and striped blue or red.


Prada sunglasses for men and women don’t just protect your eyes They are a stylish representation of your fashion personality. From classic styles to edgy designs, Prada sunglasses allow you explore your inner fashion icon and take your wardrobe in a new direction.

One of our favourite styles is the Symbole sunglasses with a bold geometric frame design and contrasting blue lens. We also suggest the 80s inspired Runway sunglasses which are perfect for round faces. The sharp angles and rectangular design make this the perfect statement piece.

Michael Kors

MK as he has become known is one of the most popular designers in the world, beginning his career at the height of supermodel fashion in the early 1980s. From there, he drew legions of fans seeking simplicity of design and a modern take on classic fashion.

Michael Kors sunglasses continue this tradition with a variety of styles that feature iconic shapes like cat eye, aviator, and wayfarer. Kors takes these designs in a new direction, adding stunning colours, innovator frame designs and sleek finishes. We love the Remini frame that is a unique blend of aviator and cat eye and features a delicate metal detailing above the eye, along with the Tuscon sunglasses that offer a bold oversized frame and contrasting slim arms.

Visit Us to Get Your Designer Sunglasses This Summer

Are you ready to turn up your sunglasses game? Not only can we help you choose a frame that suits your lifestyle and vision needs, but also make sure that the pair you choose will give you the most comfort. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, so it’s critical to choose a pair that fits properly and provides you with the right level of sun protection.

The friendly and professional team of sunglasses experts at Laurier Optical can help you find a pair that will look and feel great. Contact us today to find out more about our sunglass’s collections and some of the great promotions available on them too!

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